Bluclicks will be closed on 1st August 2014

As many of you have already noticed, I don't have enough time to maintain Bluclicks anymore. Bluclicks has also had very small amount of sales lately, it isn't able to make enough revenue to keep the site profitable anymore. In addition, 96% of all Bluclicks users are inactive (no clicks in the last 30 days). These reasons have forced me to make this hard choice: Bluclicks will be closed on 1st August.

Important: If you have invested in Bluclicks (Premium membership / Purchase balance) and haven't got any profit out of investing, I will refund your losses in full. To issue a refund, please send me an email (admin at bluclicks dot com) with your payment's transaction ID.

In addition I have lowered the cashout limit to 0.25 eur so that every active member has decent chance to get their balance paid out before closing.

admin at bluclicks dot com